Christmas message from the Philippines

Christmas message of the Hon. Alberto G. Romulo, Secretary of Foreign Affairs, The Philippines, 25 Dec. 2008:

The Yuletide season offers a meaningful occasion for reflection that resonates with a universal message of hope.

The peace and tranquility of the nativity scene reminds us anew of the aspirations we share and the responsibilities we must perform in pursuit of the larger human family´s common goals.

In the past year, the men and women of the Department of Foreign Affairs redoubled efforts to build a stronger Republic and a more peaceful, progressive and prosperous world.

We worked with the international community to sustain the onward advance of our nation´s interests in regional and global fora.

We built more bridges of understanding for the world´s peoples through our advocacy of interfaith dialogue.

We drew the family of nations closer in promoting, protecting and upholding the rights of migrant workers.

We strengthened partnerships and forged new ones.

And we sought intensified cooperation for broader democracy, wider growth, deeper reforms for good governance and sustainable development and freer, more transparent and equitable trade.

In all of the Department´s undertakings, service to the Filipino remained at the very core.

The year ahead offers opportunities and challenges for the Filipino nation and the world; yet we are confident of responding to and surmounting obstacles.

Working as one united team, the men and women of the Department can harness international diplomacy to the fullest to help insure a safer and more secure future for our people.

In this season of joy and hope, we renew our faith in humanity´s goodness and reaffirm our resolve to work for the peace, progress and prosperity that the entire human family deserves.

Isang Makabuluhang Pasko at Mapayapang Bagong Taon sa ating lahat!

(A Meaningful Christmas and Peaceful New Year to all of us!)

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