Ett sårat ego….

Utrikesminister Carl Bildt omedelbart beordrade sin ambassadör i Sri Lanka att lämna landet när Carl Bildt nekades inresa i landet.

Egot blev sårad. Mycket mänskligt.


Han tänkte inte så långt att så känner diplomaterna och regeringen i Sri Lanka när han planerar att stänga den svenska ambassaden i Colombo.

Så enkelt, men ack så svårt för honom att fatta.

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  1. SriLanka does not want Carl to snoop around and find embarrassing facts how Tamil people are being slaughtered by SriLankan army. It is probably better to take a deep breath and have a collective EU strategy so that SriLanka knows it is dealing with EU and not simply with Sweden or Norway. SriLankan’s main supporter is ofcourse China, who thinks by humiliating Tamils in the south, it would take revenge on India for its support for Tibbet issue. China will show its true color sooner or later! If China tells SriLanka to stop the genocide of Tamils, It will stop tomorrow. If EU can issue an arrest warrant for SriLankan president Rajapakse, that would be really great at this point. This madman is on the loose and he needs to be stopped!

  2. Madmonsoon,

    Carl Bildt was supposed to even represent EU collectively as of Miliband and Kouchner. But been denied of a reason that only the Sri Lankan´s government knew. If Carl Bildts ego has been hurted, what do you think the govt. in Sri Lanka´s reactions are in regards to Carl Bildts plan of closing its embassy in Colombo?

    It might sound childish, but I assure you diplomats and the governments in which Sweden has closed its embassies were disappointed and was shaking their heads. I was given an opportunity to met some of them in a festivity. If I had not met them, I shall also think that its not really a big deal, in which in fact it is.

    Life is sometimes as simple as that. One have to think in basical values and principles.

    Regarding the conflicts in Sri Lanka, you´re right about China. China don´t make a noise of it, but it is the one pulling the strings, like in Burma.

    Sad to say, conflicts in Asia can only be solved by Asians themselves, their quite own Asian way. Other countries as for example EU can only try to interfere but shall not be given a consideration of following their advices. And EU definitely don´t have the authority to issue a warrant of arrest to Sri Lankan´s president.

    But it is still our concern to protest to this unnecessary killings of innocent lives – for the sakes of humanity and of democracy.

    Thank you for your comments, it gave me time to reflect on issues we cannot influence on as a common citizen, but yet very important to discuss about.

  3. As I wrote earlier, EU is powerless:

  4. I think this was a big snub for SveaRike and for whole Scandinavia. If you think this not a big deal, I would not do anything and we let Swedish diplomats keep enjoying the SriLankan beaches and girls as nothing has happened. But there will be a price to pay! Doing nothing is not an option as many innocent civilian lives are being lost in every minute. Sweden should show some backbone here and stand up to the bully. Carl should consult with other EU members and take a coherent and effective strategy against Rajapakse government. Srilankan army butchery needs to be stopped right at this point. Carl got it right!
    By the way, I am not a Tamil and not even distantly related to that race. I think they are good, intelligent and very peaceful people. Tamil LTTE has done many bad things in the past but we should not let Srilanka punish civilians for LTTE’s crime.

  5. A denial of entry to FM Carl Bildt is compared to a slap on the face to the Swedish government. But if the Sri Lankan´s govt. reason is due to Swedens plan to close its embassy in Colombo without notice – the plan leaked before the conflict – I understand the Sri Lankan´s govt. of not giving FM Bildt permission of entry.

    I agree with you that doing nothing is not an option since civlian lives are on at stake but there are still Miliband and Kouchner negotiating – even if at this moment no results yet. What FM Bildt just did was threatened them that the incident shall affect on the bilateral relationship of Sweden and Sri Lanka.

    We have nothing to hope from FM Bildt since he already burned his chances to be a part of the negotiating team due to – I supposed – his plan of closing the embassy in Colombo long before this conflict arose.

    I think Miliband and Kouchner don´t easily give up on this mattter. Still a sligt hope. That´s all we got to press a cease fire from both sides of your people.

    Nevertheless, my sympathy and sorry for the lost of the innocent lives of your countrymen.

    It´s a cruel world we are living in.

  6. Well, I thank you for your sympathy for the innocent people. They are not really my countrymen. I just happened to know an Indian Tamil kid who did some research work with me during the summer of 06. I found him very curious and hard working. My sympathy lies with the Tamils because they are weaker side and they have been fighting for their basic civic rights. With no political solution on sight, I am afraid Tamils might go for a total independence. That may only solution!
    I am also connected to Sverige through my university years in Uppsala. My Swedish is not good enough for writings anymore. Tack so mycket for letting me ventilate my frustrations.

  7. Eventhough we can not solve the conflicts in Sri Lanka, it was indeed a fruitful conversation.

    Despite of the circumstances, I even wish you all the best of life.

    Or as we say in the Philippines……May God Bless you!

  8. Hej best, I am back. I was just looking at the UN leaks about Sri Lankakan bombing of no fire zone areas (link- ). The idiots are finally caught red handed. Listen how the idiot defends the bombing!
    Just to point you out that Carl or Sweden would not be able solve the problem but they can put the pressure on butchers. That is how things should work! Few strong worded condemnations should come out– now! I hope Carl will seize the opportunity!

  9. Thanks for the video. Not really surprising, but at least an evidence of the crime they are committing.

    I am sure Carl Bildt is aware of that. He is somehow very fond of a silent diplomacy. So silent that no one, not even a single official in the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs may heard of it – ironically.

    Sorry to disappoint you but the present government – Carl Bildt & Co. – are at the right wings – Moderates, Conservatives….whatsoever in english translation. They don´t really care about human rights and democracy in real life. They may seem to be engaged and caring, but that´s only theoritically. Their ideology is mainly based on capitalism´s power in the economy, not really on the people´s power to choose their own path in life supportive by human civil rights.

    As you may aware of Carl Bildt´s blog, according to that, he is at this day on his way to meet his friends in Washington for a brunch. Surprised?

    I am eagerly waiting for the Swedish national election in 2010, in which hopefully the socialdemocrats wins. And it´s only then we can influence and talk about the real human rights and democracy in action.

  10. Yes, I am familiar with Carl’s political orientation. I see things little differently than you even though I too a liberal social democrat like you. The national interest and foreign politics do not change that much with the change of government. You can go back to Palme’s time and compare with current Swedish foreign policy. I do not see that much change. Yes, the reds are gone but we have other players to deal with. Some enemies have become friends and some friends become foes.
    May be, it is easier for me to separate the domestic politics from foreign policies of Sweden because I do not follow your domestic debates where people do take off their gloves against their opponents. Anyway, a hawkish moderate in Sweden could easily be considered a good democrat in USA where I have been residing for quite a time. So, I would give a pass for Carl even though the Tamil issue might not be true to his heart.
    Anyway, I see IMF loan might be used as weapon against Lankan government. The country is virtually bankrupt and needs few billion dollars very soon. I see Indians to become little more aggressive once the election is over. There will be great pressure from Madras (Chenai) to deal with the Lankan thugs.
    Thank you for your attention. This will be my last post for your blog. Good luck and stay engaged!

  11. Now, you really disappoints me. You are giving up already. 🙂

    I don´t know if you have noticed the Socialdemocratic´s blog – Utrikesbulletinen – in which is also listed in my ”blogroll”. Kent Härstedt, responsible for Asian affairs, made a statement:

    in google translation:

    ”That Carl Bildt refused entry in Sri Lanka is totally unacceptable and should, as CB himself writes of course have consequences for Sri Lanka. The war currently under way in northern Sri Lanka must post carefully investigated. Violation of the Law of War is probably a daily rutin in this conflict in which a part of the guerrillas is completely surrounded by tens of thousands of civilians as a barrier between themselves and the government army. In this situation, that the Government uses artelleri and bomb flight is appalling and cynical.
    Responsibles on both sides must be brought to justice and the outside world must vigorously act to end violence. We can not once again remain silent as to what actually can degenerate into a massacre. Thats why is it so important that journalists have access and that the delegations that Carl Bildt is part of may visit the region. The world today, with clear demands for cease-fire is clear and obvious.
    That Sri Lanka rejects EU’s incoming presidency´s Foreign Minister ´s access must, of course, lead to real consequences.”

    A diplomatical threat which might give an echo in the EU.

    To be honest, I am very much disappointed of FM Carl Bildts silence. He threatens Sri Lanka mainly because his ego has been hurt, not of his sympathy to the weak people fighting for their existence. Anyhow, my disappointment is not the first time – in fact, I am already getting used to it.

    Aside from that, I´m wondering why is it difficult for countries in conflicts to agree on a two-state solution when they can not anyhow live together? Pride, Power, Money?

    Don´t you worry , I shall keep an eye on foreign issues from Sweden´s point of view and shall try to be noticed – at least by blogging, and posting comments on our Foreign Minister´s blog. Someone has to.

  12. Back again with another link where a friend defends Carl and Sweden. People are looking things with their own prisms and think they can get back to the west if Sri Lanka finishes the Tamil aspiration for rights. The same people will cry foul if Israel goes into Gaza and eliminates the Hamas. You understand what I mean. They have conviniently forgotten west’s contribution to Bosnia-Hezgovania and Kosovo.

    Here is the link from a Bangladesh daily!

  13. This friend of yours Dev Saha….sounds like your identical twin. 🙂

    Very well said of him, eventhough it was not stated in his comment that it´s the Socialdemocrats who build a functioning bridge from Sweden to the needy countries in the world and who still are fighting for these assistances existence.

    Before I forgot, I have sometthing to share with you. An opinion by Cohen about Hillary Clinton ( I even posted it in Carl Bildt´s blog):

    ”I hear that Clinton was shocked by what she saw on her visit last month to the West Bank. This is not surprising. The transition from Israel’s first-world hustle-bustle to the donkeys, carts and idle people beyond the separation wall is brutal. If Clinton cares about one thing, it’s human suffering.

    In fact, you don’t so much drive into the Palestinian territories these days as sink into them. Everything, except the Jewish settlers’ cars on fenced settlers-only highways, slows down. The buzz of business gives way to the clunking of hammers.

    The whole desolate West Bank scene is punctuated with garrison-like settlements on hilltops. If you’re looking for a primer on colonialism, this is not a bad place to start.

    Most Israelis never see this, unless they’re in the army. Clinton witnessed it. She was, I understand, troubled by the humiliation around her.

    Now, she has warned Netanyahu to get off “the sidelines” with respect to Palestinian peace efforts. Remember that the Israeli prime minister and his right-wing Likud party have still not accepted even the theory of a two-state solution.

    In House testimony last week, Clinton said: “For Israel to get the kind of strong support it is looking for vis-à-vis Iran, it can’t stay on the sidelines with respect to the Palestinians and the peace efforts. They go hand in hand.”

    That was a direct rebuke to comments from Netanyahu aides who told the Washington Post Israel would not move on peace talks until it sees the United States check Iran’s nuclear program and rising regional influence.

    Although I don’t agree with the forms of linkage being made by Netanyahu and Clinton between Iran and an Israeli-Palestinian peace — the issue is not how to threaten Iran but how to bring it inside the tent — I agree with both of them that a link exists. At Madrid, at Oslo and at Annapolis, over a 16-year span, attempts were made to advance peace while excluding Iran. That doesn’t work; it won’t work now.

    The trick is to usher Israel-Palestine peace efforts and the quest for a U.S.-Iran rapprochement along in parallel.

    That’s why it’s so important that Clinton told Netanyahu that he can’t slip away from working for peace — and that means stopping settlements now — by taking an Iran detour.

    Clinton also indicated an important shift on Hamas, which the State Department calls a terrorist group. While stressing that no funds would flow to Hamas “or any entity controlled by it,” she argued for keeping American options open on a possible Palestinian unity government between the moderate Fatah and Hamas.

    So long as a unity government meets three conditions — renounces violence, recognizes Israel’s right to exist and abides by past agreements — the United States would be prepared to deal with it, including on $900 million in proposed aid, Clinton indicated. Washington does business with a Lebanese government in which Hezbollah controls 11 of 30 seats, although Hezbollah is also deemed a terrorist group.”

    I do hope that Hillary Clinton´s sentiments are genuine.

  14. Yes, the Palestinian problem is the numero uno problem for the world to solve and that would force many some lunatics to retire forever. It is good to see some Israelis are talking about Palestinian misery and not against the two state solution. The price of peace is not really too steep for Israelis. They need to vacate a good part land to create a viable Palestinian state. For Hamas, the price is even lesser, just need to renounce the violence for ever. Can it happen? Why not?

    Yes, you are right about the great foundation that had been laid out by social democrats and my personal hero Olof Palme. I would like to see Scandinavians to be more involved in world peace and politics. The size should not be a factor! They have a role to play and they should impose that implicitly!

  15. Updates on Sri Lanka from the Swedish point of view:

    ”Socialdemokraternas biståndspolitiske talesman, riksdagsledamot Kent Härstedt, åker till Sri Lanka på onsdag eftermiddag på inbjudan av den lankesiska regeringen.

    – Sri Lanka står vid ett vägval om man ska försonas och läkas eller om de klyftor som funnits och fortfarande finns mellan lankeser o tamiler ska fördjupas. Jag accepterar inbjudan att föra en dialog med Sri Lankas president Mahinda Rajapaksa och utrikesminister eftersom de vill höra mina synpunkter hur man kan gå vidare, säger Kent Härstedt, som kommer att besöka LTTE fångar och konfliktområdet i norr samt flyktingläger.


    ”Urban Ahlin, Socialdemokraternas utrikespolitiske talesperson, kommenterar också läget på Sri Lanka:

    ”Jag önskar att jag kunde säga att det här är slutet på konflikten, men det troliga är att den nu övergår i ett skede av mer terror och motterror. Min förhoppning är att det internationella samfundet utnyttjar de öppningar som kan uppstå. Jag skulle gärna ser en samordnad insats av USA, FN, EU och länderna i regionen”, skriver Ahlin i ett uttalande.”

  16. More updates:

    ”Vid lunchtid, svensk tid, hade socialdemokraternas biståndspolitiske talesman Kent Härstedt just lämnat de flyktingläger i Vavuniya han sedan ankomsten i tisdags försökt få tillträde till. På lördagen kunde han följa med in på FN:s generalsekreterare Ban Ki Moons program, bland annat på dennes möten med utrikesminister Rohitha Bogollagama och president/överbefälhavare Mahinda Rajapaksa.

    – Det var intressant för att en del hård kritik fördes fram, om än inlindad i diplomatiskt språkbruk. Bland annat framförde han just kravet på bättre tillgänglighet för hjälparbetarna, säger Kent Härstedt till

    Efter Ban Ki Moon-programmet fortsatte Härstedt själv sitt besök i de områden som fram till för bara ett par dagar sedan nyligen var hårt drabbat av kriget och helt stängt för någon form av insyn. Härstedt talade med FN-arbetare inne i lägrena och såg även någon lastbil från andra humanitära organisationer.”

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