An unpredictable winner of The Nobel Peace Prize

The freshman President of  USABarack Obama, won the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize, for “extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples,” as The Norwegian Nobel Committe has motivated for the year of  2009.

The President himself was surprised and thought at first if it was a joke. But it was for real, in which shocks the world too.

That the Norwegian Nobel Committe has based its decision to a more theoretical efforts than conrete, visible ones, was something unusual.

Yes, I agree, that Pres. Barack Obama has a world vision toward nuclear disarmament through diplomacy and dialogue, but isn´t it one of a president´s prime tasks and responsibilities in most democratical peaceful countries? Pres. Barack Obama just put an emphasis on it.

As for the prize money, Pres. Barack Obama intended them for charity. Indeed, a noble action for a noble cause.

Well, a decision is a decision. It is irrevocable. I supposed it should be impolite if Pres. Barack Obama declined.

BUT, if I were in Pres. Barack Obama´s position I should also surprise  the Norwegian Noble Committe as well as the whole world and give the Nobel Peace Prize to the Chinese activist and dissedent Hu Jia – not just for his fight for basic human rights but as encouragement for the whole China´s democracy process.

A more noble action for humanity.

Pres. Barack Obama is also sometimes unpredictable, he might read my mind or my blog, and find my idea a better one. 🙂

Who knows?

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  1. I was also surprised to read in the newspaper that Obama got the Nobel Peace Price. And I think it was a good choice….a visionary choice…..

    There are many people in the world who have done a lot to support Peace processes. Maybe the most important ones are not known to the public at all….

    What Obama actually has done ….as someone from the Norwegian committe said….is that he has lowered the political temperature in the world by reaching out his hands and suggested dialogue….and thus increased HOPE for a peaceful world….

    In my opinion his most important gesture is that he has opened up for a dialogue with the Muslim world. Not every American president has done so…..

    So go for it Obama……

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