Update 2013-04-21

It’s almost five years since I began blogging. Been more and more interested in politics in general and foreign policy in particular.

Now active with the Social Democratic Women Skaraborg, the most prioritize organisation in my free time.

For those curious, pseudoname bestofmankind is a metaphor to Faith, Hope and Love, which I consider the best of mankind.

I definitely don’t consider myself as the best of mankind, translating it literally.


I’m a southeast asian born woman – a Filipina/pinay. For many years now a naturalized Swedish citizen.

With a degree of Bachelor in Accountancy as a primary asset had the courage of marrying a Swede, and been living in Sweden since 1985. Was luckily admitted as an academic scholar during university days, and graduated with honor – Cum Laude (of about 3500 graduating students) – at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines, batch of 1984.

As a complementary studies in Sweden, achieved a university diploma with specialization in Business Administration. Worked in several small and medium sized companies at the accounting department. Now  a sole proprietress.

Appreciate peace of mind, contentment and harmony in life.

Striving for equalities and/or justices at all levels – within the family, in the society, country and globally.

Issues written here are personally mine alone based on my personality, education, background, political ideologies  and hopefully fair judgements of different cases at a stake. Important to mention is that I’m not a politician by profession  – as some wonders. My political views are merely a matter of interests and ideals in life.

If you happen to recognize me from the real world, please respect my anonymity.  I should really appreciate it a lot.


”Bear in mind the significance of one´s roots and identity.” /bestofmankind

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